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Students Testimonials

Usui III/Master Class


Thank you all for a beautiful journey today and a special thank you to our lovely Leader Master.

By sharing the gifts God created in you, you leave an indelible spiritual footprint on the Universe and it is magnified and multiplied throught those you teach.Thank you for shining your light in the world.

I'm so blessed to share it with you soul sisters.


Karuna II Practitioner Class


Thanks Gwynn! I am grateful I was able to attend another wonderful class with you. It was an amazing experience


Thanks Gwynn this was awesome!


Usui Reiki Classes

Thank you for a wonderful first session of two in my first Reiki class. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Walked away feeling tired yet almost reborn!


She is a wonderful,kind and Spiritual healer/teacher.I am thankful to have her in my life.
Brenda H

Question :What was the most positive experience you had in this class ?

Answer :Receiving my attunement and the peace I felt afterward.


Question :What was the most positive experience you had in this class ?

Answer :Feeling centered and blessed

Therese C

Angel Card & Reiki Testimonials

~Angel Reiki Session~
" I had the most empowering,healing and freeing experience today through Reiki with Gwynn McGroggan! All I can say is wow! I haven't felt this connection with my mind,body and spirit in a long time! The love of god and his light is so powerful! Feeling awakened,alive and blessed.

"I loved my Angel Reiki Session,thank you for your insight and healing"

"I tried it,it was great! Very healing and right on the money"

~Reiki ~
If you're looking for a powerful yet gentle healing and insight ,don't hesitate to connect with Gwynn McGroggan.I had a sessions with her a few days ago it was extraordinary.Thank You Gwynn! HG -8/3/2016

I'm honored to share the Reiki path with someone whose heart is so authentic and always reaching for the light. Being with you fills me with calm, peace, and love. ~ Christy J

Our session on Wednesday was wonderful. I feel as if I have a "fresh start".
Emotionally, I feel more present and resilient, and when my thinking gets me off track from reality, I feel more gentle and accepting of my human wanderings as part of my ongoing process.Thank you for facilitating this experience.

You are an amazing Reiki Master and my experience with you are always filled with the angelic healing that is so gentle and so powerful that it is hard to put into words,except to say that someone needs to experience your healing touch to understand why being with you is both a tender and strong personal connection that creates the ability to obtain self healing in mind,body and spirit.Who could ask for anything more.~ Pat C

A peaceful energy that moves through out the body, mind and soul. ~ Mac Mc

~Angel Card Readings ~
"Gwynn is a wonderful Angel Card Reader. She has such a beautiful energy about her and she is blessed with helping others in learning more about their guidance from the angels. I really recommend anyone seeking out loving energy and healing words to see Gwynn!" ~Michelle McInnis

Gwynn just gave me the most intense and accurately electrifying Angel Card Reading

Thank you so much for today.you are so gifted ! The combination of your intuition and compassion are wonderful !
You are such a dear soul, you're eyes shine of the love, it comes through ~Linda