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Bally, Pa

By Appointment


Gwynn White Walker McGroggan

Intuitive Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki ® Master

Lineage of Melchizedek I

Certified Angel Card Reader / Fairyoligist / Bach I
Restorative Yoga

Seraph Rose Aura Attunements
Archangels Michael,Raphael,Uriel,Gabriel Attunements

Practicing and Teaching Usui Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki
Reading & Teaching Angel, Energy & Fairy Cards
Experienced Usui Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Teacher
Levels One through Master/Teacher

What is Reiki?

Reiki pronounced ( Ray-Key) is Japanese in origin and it's meaning consists of 2 words;Rei & Ki meaning Spiritually guided life force energy.

Some of the Benefits of Reiki

Overall sense of Peace

Boost your immune system

Promotes better quality of sleep

Reduces stress and anxiety

Overall feeling of calm

Balances you in mind body and Spirit

What is Karuna Reiki?

Karuna Reiki's vibration is one of Compassionate action with wisdom.This is for Usui Reiki Masters who have been attuned to the Master symbol or at least 6 months.This beautiful energy works closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters such as Jesus,Mother Mary & Kwan Yin.

What is Holy Fire Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that is both powerful & gentle providing you with purification,healing,empowerment and guidance.It can be a part of both Usui and Karuna Reiki classes

What is Holy Feathers Reiki ?

Holy Feathers Reiki is a beautiful blend of using intuitively created flower essences for your session,oracle cards to give voice to your path followed by a Reiki session to clear your aura support you with what your ready to release as well as align your chakras.This is a 2 hours session created by Gwynn and Spirit.

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are herbal infussions to help encourage inner health & harmony.They are highly effective,non toxic herbl preperations that address core issues of wellness-especially emotions,stress,mental attitides,spiritual values,& ife purpose. Brining balance in any of these areas is a major factor in creating sound mind-body health.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are used as a pescriptive,giving you a voice on a conscious and unconscious level.They are used as a free will offering to guide and support yu in all areas of your life.

What is Restorative Yoga?

Resorative Yoga is a gentle supportive yoga with use of blankets,bolsters,blocks & pillows to help support postures for up to 20 minutes.1 1/2 hours of releasing,resting and restoring to the best version of You..

Holy Feathere Reiki Session Client Testimonial


I recently had the opportunity to experience a Holy Feathers Reiki session with Gwynn White Walker McGroggan,Gwynn has pulled togther a truely special combination of intuitive service with this offering.The flower essence blend we discussed caried themes that complimented the messages of my angel card reading so clearly we both had goosebumps.Incorporating the energetic healing of Reiki sealed the experience in a way that left me feeling energized and renewed-both Spiritualy and energeticlly.I believe Gwynn's work and this combination of services can be of great benefit to individuals in alll life paths & along all steps of their journey.I would encourage Holy Feathers Reiki to anyone looking to incorporate more claity,light and healing energy into their lives!

Best ,Darrah

Bach Flower Essences Reiki Session

1/12/2017 By I.J.

I wanted to share my recent experience with Gwynn McGroggan.I scheduled a Bach Reiki session with her,and I genuinely feel and overall improvement in my physical and emotional health,as well as feeling more spiritualy connected. I also have noticed more mental clarity.Gwynn is kind,caring and intuitive as was able to pinpoint my challenges with ease.She was also able to articulate some of my issues before I was able to do it myself.She is a gifted healer, one I would recommend to anyone,people that have been seeking holistic,energy based healings or people that have no experience with energy work at all. She is gentle and inclusive with explanations of what she will do before,during and after your session. In terms of Bach Flower Remedies ,this was a new world to me, and I felt educated and take of after her explanation of the different flowers chose for my blend. Anyone who seeks treatement by Gwynn will be better for it,and she comes with my highest recommendation.Namaste!

Angel Cloud Hands For

Reiki Sessions & Classes

What is Angel Cloud Hands?

I offer partial scholarships for Reiki One classes and Reiki Session by donation

What does that mean? If you are being guided to study Reiki and need some help paying for the class I am here to be of service.If you are in need of Reiki sessions and need some help, pay what you can or are guided to.Contact Gwynn to discuss or to book your session or class.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” ~Mother Teresa~


Holy Feathers Session:

Inuitive Flower Essences,Cards & Reiki Session $150

Angel / Energy Card Reiki Session $125

Reiki Session $50

Bach Flower Essences & Reiki Session $80

Angel / Energy / Fairy Card Reading $75

Flower Essences Blend $30

Essential Oils Roller Blends $25

One on One Restoritave Reiki Yoga $30

Reiki Classes 2019

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki II

Saturday Jan 5,2019

Prerequisite Reiki I


9:15 am



Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki One

Feb 16,2019

Snow Date Feb 23,2019


9:15 am

Bally Pa

Contct Gwynn to register


Usui Reiki Two

Feb 17,2019

Snow Date Feb18,2019

Prerequisite Reiki One


9:30 am

Bally Pa

Contact Gwynn to register


Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master ART III

Prerequisite Reiki II

Saturday Feb 2,2019

Snow Date Sunday Feb 3,2019


9:15 am

Bally ,Pa


Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master

3 day training for Usui Reiki Masters

prerequisite Master symbol for at least 6 months




Bally Pa

Contact Gwynn to register


Karuna Reiki Practitioner One Class

Sunday January 13,2019

Snow Date Sunday January 20,2019

Prerequisite Usui III/Master for at least 6 months

$275 ( sepcial price)

Complete Wellness


9:45 am -4:45 pm

Contact Gwynn to register


Karuna Reiki Practitoner Two

Prerequisite Karuna One
9:30 am- 4:45pm
Bally Pa

Contact Gwynn to register
Children's Reiki Class
Contact Gwynn to create your own private class
Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher
Prerequisite Reiki II or III / Master
3 days training in row
Bally Pa
Contact Gwynn to register

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master

Prereqisite Usui Master symbol for at least 6 months


Times TBA/requires 3 days in a row training
Bally Pa
Contact Gwynn to register
Usui Reiki I Class $200
Usui Reiki II Class $250
Usui Reiki III / ART Class $375
Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master/ Teacher Class $850
Karuna Reiki® I Class $300
Karuna Reiki® II Class $300
Karuna Reiki® Master Class $850
Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master $850
Usui Children's Reiki Class $75

Please use Upper Left Hand Box
for more details about each class
** Reiki Classes Now Require
$100 Non Refundable Deposit
2 weeks prior to class**

Please contact me for more information about classes or if you wish to create your own Usui Reiki or

Karuna Reiki® or Learning to read Angel Cards Class.

Phone 215-470-0176


I Now Take Paypal Payments through friends and family Please email me for details